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Hello! Are you interested in reviewing my projects? You are? Great! Please CLICK on the images to the right of the description to access each project in detail. If you like what you see, do not hesitate to contact me to collaborate, cultivate, and create.

Master You

Visual Identity

Master You is Key Visual Identity Branding

Loc'd In

Visual Identity + Social Media Marketing

Loc'd In Visual Identity Branding

Adult Play Date

Print Media

Adult Play Day


Film Production

Rosebud The Movie

Minty Toes

Visual Identity + Package Design

Minty Toes

The AU SOC L.A. Intensive

Copyediting​ + Web Development


Teaching Portfolio

Project Brief + Student Work

High School Level

Introduction to Graphic Design


Momma's Boy

Creative Direction​

Momma's Boy The Movie

21ST CCLC - Ivy Prep Acad.

Internal & External Communication

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